This is the first post on my new blog, celebratethegrain. I aim to post on a regular basis about my personal practice as a fine art, analogue photographer.

I make my images using Olympus OM2n cameras and black and white film. I used to be one of the Ilford Master Printers but I have no allegiance to any supplier these days.

I make my living teaching photography in the South of Scotland, it’s a full-time post so I do my personal work at weekends and holidays. I don’t put out a huge amount of work but I have been doing it for several years so I have quite an extensive archive that I will draw on for this project.

As I just moved home to take up the teaching post I have given up my darkroom and the only one I currently have access to is at work. I plan to build one in the coming months and my progress (or not) on that will contribute to a lot of the early posts on here.

Meantime, I have been developing and scanning at home and printing at work when I need to. I hope you will enjoy my efforts.